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Mergers Drugfil Corporation has been marketing and distributing GODEX DS, the most advanced and effective drug for liver diseases, in the Philippines for a respectable number of years. The product is manufactured in Korea, passing the Korean Good Manufacturing Processes (KGMP) and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the category of DRUG with therapeutic effects.

The company was officially established in 1993, initially as a trader focusing on distribution of pharmaceutical, branded products manufactured in the Philippines.  The operations date back in 1981 but under a different company name. 

In September 8, 1997, Mergers Drugfil Trading became MERGERS DRUGFIL CORPORATION. It entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with HAN SEO PHARM. CO., LTD. of Seoul, Korea.  Recently, Han Seo Pharm. Co., LTD. was procured and acquired by CELLTRION PHARM., INC., who continued the appointment of Mergers Drugfil Corporation as its sole marketing arm in the Philippines.

Through the years, the company expanded nationwide with two offices, the Cebu office and a Makati Building to facilitate the increasing demands of the market.  The management, headed by Mr. Mario Godfrey T. Guerra, and top caliber professionals are augmenting its pharmaceutical product lines from Korea and other countries to be marketed in the Philippines.

From the beginning of the company until today, Mergers Drugfil Corporation continually provides quality products with established brand names and offers excellent services to our valued customers.  True to its belief that in all aspects, one must go beyond the extraordinary.

Components of GODEX DS

  • Originally developed by Prof. F.Andreu Kern in Sevilla, Spain, as an ethical therapeutic drug.
  • A complex ionic salt of L-carnitine and Orotic acid which has a greater advantage, in terms of absorbability and bioavailability
  • Stimulate an efficient function of the Mitochondrial Energy System, restoring normal cell functions and protecting cell membrane integrity.
  • Precursor of nucleic acid and protein synthesis, needed for injured cell regeneration.
  • A potent lipotropic factor
  • Improves normal detoxification in the cells.

GODEX DS is a breakthrough drug for liver disorders that goes intracellular in its actions, penetrating the mitochondria, powerhouses of the cells, to treat mitochondrial dysfunctions.....   Read more...