Quality is our pride. We, at Mergers Drugfil Corporation, have always prided ourselves in providing Filipinos quality healthcare products and at the same time, paving the way for distributing superior and innovator medicines.

Our journey to greatness began in 1981 but it wasn't until September 8, 1997 that we partnered up with an established Korean company and became known as Mergers Drugfil Corporation

With the vision of setting a strong foothold in the pharmaceutical industry, Mergers Drugfil Corporation allied with two (2) Manufacturing plants, Numan Food Supplement Corp and Marnets Pharma Corporation. Both manufacturing plants are licensed by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and awarded Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practice. With this alliance, Mergers Drugfil Corporation has expanded its product pipeline to include locally manufactured and unique Prescription Drugs, Over-The-Counter drugs, Food Supplements and Food products.

Through the years, the company expanded nationwide to facilitate the increasing demands of the market. The management, headed by our founder, Mr. Mario Godfrey T. Guerra, assisted by top caliber professionals is augmenting its pharmaceutical product lines to be marketed in the Philippines.

With the company stamp of “Quality is Our Pride”, Mergers Drugfil Corporation, supported by its skilled and competent employees, unite together in one goal of pushing the boundaries in the pharmaceutical landscape by being the foremost distributor of superior, unique and innovative drug and food supplements, all the while giving value to the trust and experience of our customers.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mario Godfrey T. Guerra, founded and organized Mergers Drugfil Corporation since it started. The company is operational nationwide and is catering to Medical Practioners of different specialties where the products will be useful and effective to their patients.

The belief of the company is patient care.The drugs and the activities focus on the welfare of the people who needs alleviation from the diseases that hinder them to live life to the fullest. Setting the customers and patients first in how we manage, make us more formidable in the market. Knowing that we must prioritize those who needs care the most, directs us to distribute the therapeutic drugs to give them the quality of life they deserve.

The main goal is to continually research, study and provide the best possible medication to help them recover and be productive again. Our drugs have undergone clinical trials here and abroad, both with animal and human models. This is to provide drugs that are not only effective but also safe to use.

Top caliber professionals in the industry assist in other major areas of the company’s operations. The organizational chart is vast and new positions are made to better cater to our customers’ varied needs.


Mergers Drugfil Corporation aims to be:

  • A dynamic market leader by providing quality products to all our customers

  • A corporation centered on patient care and satisfaction making their health our priority

  • A corporation with an environment where employees’ concerns are properly addressed to nurture creativity and promote productivity, efficiency and professionalism. Thus, true to its belief that its people are its greatest asset.


To be fast growing and one of the most profitable pharmaceutical companies servicing the Medical Practitioners, customers and healthcare organizations in the Philippines within the next five years

Our vision stated above conveys the company’s eagerness to be the leader in all the therapeutic segments that we are in. Since the company’s birth, the vision has been dynamic and has changed to suit our present status as the leading company for Liver Therapeutics.



Professionalism means knowing your job and doing it well.

It includes integrity, courtesy, honesty, and the willing compliance with the highest ethical standards. It goes beyond observing one’s professional ethical rules. He sensitively and fairly serves the best interests of clients and the public. It fosters respect and trust among employees and between employees and clients, promotes the efficient resolution of disputes, simplifies transactions, and makes the practice of one’s profession more enjoyable and satisfying.

Professionalism is being engaged in working in Mergers Drugfil Corporation with unblemished character methods and spirit. You are aiming to be a good asset to the company in all the things that you undertake.


Everyone in the company must observe full commitment in all endeavors concerning the company and its best interest.

Commitment is a freely chosen inner resolve to follow through with a course even though difficulty arises. It is an act of binding oneself to a course of action. It is the backbone and driving force of achievement.

Commitment is to never have to measure your efforts against what you are getting; It is undivided focus to your life in Mergers Drugfil Corporation and making everything you do uplift the company.


It is a matter of where we stand or which stand we take--- a stand that would allow the performance to surpass what was previously impossible.

It means seeking out new and best solutions for existing problems, and finding ways to improve productivity and gain a competitive edge for our customers through quality and excellent services.

Excellence is being able to do more that what is expected of you and to make the people around you excel as well. It is educating yourself more and mastering your craft for the benefit of Mergers Drugfil Corporation.


It is the quality of being dependable or trustworthy under certain circumstances.

A reliable person is one who has a track record of doing what he or she promised to do.

A reliable person does not make excuses. He is a man of word.

Reliability is taking into account how we can help another colleague in their realm of responsibility and also the ability to rely on others to give them the chance to learn conscientiousness and trustworthiness.


It is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to generate meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, originality, progressiveness or imagination.

Creativity is thinking outside the box to further improve your work and be of service to other employees in Mergers Drugfil Corporation as well.